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More than just an overnight stay, but a vacation made of a thousand facets discovering our land.

The hinterland near Laigueglia offers many opportunities for tourists seeking adventure and nature. One of the most popular activities is trekking along the trails of the Regional Natural Reserve of the Ligurian Alps, which offers spectacular views of the coast and surrounding mountains.

Additionally, visitors can take a stroll in the picturesque medieval town of Cervo, famous for its historical architecture and cobblestone streets.

For lovers of history and culture, the city of Albenga offers many attractions, including the Diocesan Museum and the Cathedral of San Michele.

Finally, for a relaxing day, tourists can visit the numerous vineyards and wineries in the area, which offer wine tastings and guided tours.

In summary, the hinterland near Laigueglia is an ideal place for those who want to discover the natural and cultural beauties of Liguria.

Traditional Dishes of Laigueglia

In addition to traditional Ligurian dishes, savor ‘frisciöi de gianchetti‘, fritters made of small fish, and fish soups. Taste local specialties such as dishes made with anchovies and sardines, and fried fresh fish from the Gulf of Capo Mele. Discover the true flavor of the Mediterranean during your culinary journey in Laigueglia.

From the famous ‘Baci di Laigueglia‘, cookies with almonds, cocoa, and hazelnuts, to ‘Pane del Marinaio‘, a sweet and biscuity bread with dried fruit. Savor ‘marusin‘, ‘paste d’amandùa‘ and ‘papuétte e treïe‘, covered with icing shaped like a duck or red mullet, passed down from generation to generation. Enjoy ‘balette de S.Maté‘, sweet fritters with raisins, featured at the S. Matè fair in honor of the patron saint, San Matteo.

Trekking along the trails of Laigueglia

If you’re an enthusiast, you can’t miss the trekking paths in Laigueglia, where nature welcomes you with open arms and breathtaking landscapes await at every step. Follow trails that wind through ancient olive groves and fragrant woods, immersing yourself completely in the tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere of this stunning region. Every step becomes an opportunity to explore the diverse beauty of the territory, from the serene coastal shores to the lively vitality of the Ligurian hills. Take a break from daily hustle and indulge in the enchantment of this journey through one of Italy’s most fascinating lands.