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Laigueglia and Alassio form La Baia del Sole, overlooking a natural bay with a special fine sand depths. Unique feature in Italian Riviera, it allows water activities for all tastes.

The rich waters have always attracted thousands of fish every summer, showing the passage of about 2000 whales and other cetaceans. Laigueglia is one of “I borghi più belli d’Italia”: its picturesque old town of Roman origins has kept the typical Ligurian coast “carruggi”.The first documents of the village date back to XII Century, when it became part of the Repubblica Genovese.

The Saracens

In XV and XVI Centuries the small Laigueglia was a maritime and commercial center of great importance, despite the presence of Saracens on the Ligurian coast- including the Turkish Dragut and the famous Dhayr Al Din, called Barbarossa. In 1546 the pirate Dragut tried and failed to land looting the town and buying up the hostages. It was thanks to Captain Giulio from Alassio that Laigueglia and its inhabitants were saved.

Every summer, through the historical re-enactment, you can experience the thrill of the Landing of Saracens with battles on the beach in the night lit by magnificent fireworks.

Laigueglia Trophy

Modern history tells of Trofeo Laigueglia, born on February 23rd, 1964, an international road cycling race for professionists, which have distinguished, among the winners, names like Merckx, Saronni, Armstrong, Savoldelli, Di Luca.
The beautiful hill behind the town, full of trails for mountain bikes, allows fans to engage in simple paths or genuine competition. Even those who simply enjoy walking in the greenery between sea and countryside have provisions to numerous trails.

Jazz Festival

Laigueglia is also music.

In 1996 the “Festival Jazz -Images Dreams Sounds in a Midsummer Night” was born and today “PercFest – The European festival of percussion” has become an annual event of great attraction. On stage in the beautiful Piazza Marconi, Italian and foreigner internationally acclaimed artists perform. In the morning and afternoon there is a series of events that fascinate and conquer: Laigueglia squares and beaches become the setting of music seminars and workshops, Qigong classes and fitness, singing and dancing stages, photographic exhibitions, all on the background of percussion and incessant jazz rhythms.

Every night, after concerts, in the magical atmosphere of the typical Laigueglia locals, the rite of the most classic of jazz consumes: the jam session. The autumn equinox accompanies the patron saint of the town: the statue of San Matteo is carried in procession through the streets of the village. On this occasion the council organizes “S. MaTé – da u mò e da a-tera“, the traditional “Fiera di San Matteo”. During the three-days event, from Friday to Sunday, various craftmen put all kinds of objects on exhibition in the squares of the old town: pottery, art glass, filigree, carved wooden items, genuine gourmet products of the nearby countryside, worked hard stones. A series of events connected with tourism, culture, craft, food and wine are organised too. A great fireworks display over the sea finally greets all participants.